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Goodnight our sweet Queen of Haunt, Sandy Graham - Monday August 30, 2010

h1 Monday, August 30th, 2010

By Rick A Mortis

Sandy Graham was an amazing woman that worked at Knott’s Berry Farm from the 1990’s to last year. She is best known for being the legendary and iconic Vampire Queen for Halloween Haunt for many years and then as the Fairy Queen for the Labyrinth maze. Sandy brought a sweet sexy sassy appeal to her two iconic creations, you may have even been tickled by her feather on the back of the neck or perhaps knighted as you entered her lair.

Sandy had surgery in 1996 to remove a brain tumor, in 2009 it was discovered that it was back. Surgery was done but sadly her condition got worse and she passed away peacefully Sunday.

Sandy the Queen of Haunt….an amazing woman and a great friend will be greatly missed. Somewhere from above this sweet woman is on a purple colored cloud showering glitter down on us. My love, good vibes and support goes out to her family, Haunt family and fans.

Knott’s Halloween Haunt - 2010 Complete List

h1 Saturday, August 28th, 2010

A complete list of what’s coming to Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt.

Freshly dug up for 2010:

Sleepy Hollow Mountain

Virus Z

Fallout Shelter

Rising from the dead of 2009:

Lockdown: The Asylum


Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre (in 3-D)

The Doll Factory

Terror of London

Dia de los Muertos (in 3-D)

The Labyrinth

Black Widow’s Cavern

Club Blood


Halloween Haunt will once again feature three spooky and creepy scare zones, including:

The Necropolis, with Victorian Steampunk vampires which is awesome for fans of steampunk will be haunting a city of the dead, replaces The Gauntlet scare zone in Camp Snoopy (New for 2010).

Carnevil featuring those happy mad zany clowns (in the Boardwalk area)

Ghost Town (in the Wild West aka Ghost Town kind redundant eh?)

Shows for 2010:

Ed Alonzo, presents magic and comedy in the Charles Shultz Theater.

“Bang” by Street Drum Corps makes music with ordinary found objects in the Camp Snoopy Theater.

“The Hanging” pop-culture comedy revue returns to the Calico Square Stage with a “Power to the People” theme that will likely be heavy on BP jokes. The annual show has satirized, skewered and sacrificed more than 1,500 celebrities since its 1976 debut. The question of course is who will be hanged this year?

De’Anna Nunez the Hypnochick offers a comedic hypnosis show in the Boardwalk Ballroom.

Hacks comedy improv takes the stage in the Birdcage Theater with “Die, Die, Die!”

The hot and fiery theatrics of “Inferno” returns to the Wagon Camp Theater.

Zamora the Torture King brings his “Sideshow of the Bizarre” to the Carnevil scare zone stage in the Boardwalk area of the park.

Halloween Horror Nights 2010 - Mazes and Scare Zones - Universal Studios Hollywood

h1 Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Halloween Horror Nights: Universal has announced all of their mazes and scare zones for 2010

Here is the list of the Mazes, pretty much all new stuff which is cool:

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Never Sleep Again All New!
Friday the 13th: Kill, Jason, Kill. All New!
Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses in Zombievision! (3-D) All New!
Saw: Game Over New traps!
Vampyre: Castle of the Undead All New!
All-new Terror Tram: Chucky’s Revenge

Scare Zones and apparently ending everything with a “z” which is either to be super extreme or someone with a bad French accent:

La Llorona

BOOTIE LA - Saturday September 4, 2010 - DJ Tripp iPad Mashup Set, DJ Paul V., + R.A.I.D.

h1 Saturday, August 28th, 2010

View All Photos | Bootie LA = Twice A Month @ Echoplex!View All Photos | Bootie LA = Twice A Month @ Echoplex!

- LA’s Twice-Monthly All Mashup Dance Club!
Every 1st & 3rd Saturday at The Echoplex




Vinyl turntables and CD DJ decks are soooooo 20th century!

Which is why Bootie LA is presenting the latest way to DJ — with Apple iPads!Known for always pushing the latest technology in his sets, DJ Tripp was one of the first to embrace this new, cutting-edge DJing. For this special guest set, he’ll be utilizing the multi-touch displays on a pair of iPads to control, manipulate, and play mashups!

Plus resident Bootie LA DJ PAUL V. (ex-Indie 103.1FM) will also be
on the decks - to shake, rattle, ‘n roll ya with THE hottest mashup


At Bootie LA we drop 100% mashups in every genre of music:
Rock, pop, disco, 80’s, hip-hop, funk, electro, indie, & more!

And our friendly crowd is as diverse ‘n mashed up as the music!


Bootie LA’s resident glitzy, gold-suited dance crew!
R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance)

And get your pic snapped by our official party photographers

1154 Glendale Blvd., Echo Park LA CA - 90026
9pm till 2am / 21+ Admitted / Street Parking + Valet Service

>> $5 Cover Until 10pm ~ $10 Cover After <<
** FREE Bootie LA mashup CD for the first 100 patrons **

$5 Bootielicious Drink Shots!
$4 PBRs & Domestics All Night!
Fun, friendly, totally mixed crowd!

Get more info at:

Click below to RSVP and see pretty pix and videos :);BOOTIE_LA_wDJ_Tripp_iPad_Set_DJ_Paul_V_RAID


CASTLE Panel & The Last Day of San Diego Comic Con - Sunday July 25, 2010

h1 Saturday, August 28th, 2010
By Rick A Mortis
Pics provided by Sir Powers
Comic Con awww you are a crazy and wacky creature. From some cosplayers that show to much skin (the horror of spandex and third boobs mostly on men) at the Masquerade and from two guys having a pen fight over seats for a panel.  Then again I can understand getting crazy over seats. This year we tried to get into the dreaded Hall H and failed. Unless I was willing to camp or wait several hours for any panel in Hall H. One thing I do not understand and might make the Con better is if they do programming on Sunday for  Hall H.  Hall H had nothing going on Sunday. I know huge lines look great for pictures but in reality suck. This year the big buzz was off course that Comic Con could be moving in a few years to Anaheim, Vegas and I heard rumbles of LA as well which Verbatim Girl discussed. I like the Con but I think programming needs to more spread out. Sundays are rather sparse. The only panel we attended was CASTLE and it was awesome and granted well packed. But more options are good for everyone. Thank you Comic Con for just being awesome and strange as always. Till next year.

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Pirates, Avatars and Donkeys…Oh My! San Diego Comic Con - 2010

h1 Thursday, August 26th, 2010

By Writer and Photographed by Verbatim Girl

This years San Diego Comic Con-Popular arts convention was a tribute to a flurry of fantastic fandemonium.

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To GOAT or not to GOAT - San Diego Comic Con 2010

h1 Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Don’t GOAT to Anaheim….

Yes that was the hot topic at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, and yes people that is a real goat!

Not every attendee was aware that the beloved San Diego Comic Con may soon be no more. The contract with the city is expiring in 2012 and negotiations have already begun for a new home, with the two highest candidates being Anaheim, CA and Las Vegas, NV. With both locations having their own sets of pros and cons.

Primarily the popular arts convention has outgrown its home in sunny San Diego, and will most likely be moved to a location that can hold it all in, kind of like an elephant attempting to wear spandex. This year proved it more so with endless panels, events, fulfillment rooms, gaming demonstrations and much more spilling out into downtown. The halls of the neighboring hotels, restaurant and store fronts, and parking lots or event centers were engrossed in it all and suddenly you realized that you’ve ended up at in a parking lot on Broadway and Fifth St., a million blocks from the actual convention centers core, picking up your free t-shirt.

Las Vegas Convention Center alone could take our beloved Con under its wing with over 1,900,000 sq.ft of exhibit space. With San Diego coming in at estimated 615,000 we would barely make a dent in the city of sin. Of course all of our exclusive limited edition piggy bank allowances would be lost to the bright lights and fast tables.

The close runner up, Anaheim, offers a shade more room at 813,000 sq.ft but with all the events currently exceeding SD’s limits the convention could be maxed out again in less than a year. Then of course you take into consideration the summer vacation tourism to Disneyland Resort, and there would scarcely be any room in Anaheim for all of us glorious freaks and geeks. Finally there are the costumed conflicts. Mighty Mouse vs. Mickey Mouse? Princess Jasmine vs Tomb Raider? Goofy vs. The Tick? Zombies vs. Churro Cart Vendors? There’s only so much lycra and spandex that any one town can take. I predict it would be chaos!

So, though the fate of Comic Con rests in the hands of lawyers and bankers, let us band together and enjoy the last two years of San Diego’s Comic-Con, besides if the Mayans are right what is there to even worry about?

Except maybe a pen in the eye.

Verbatim Girl August, 2010

Hatchet II UNRATED Theatrical Release will be hacking its way into theatres October 1, 2010

h1 Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Dark Sky Films, a division ofMPI Media Group, announced today that in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween horror movie season, Adam Green’s HATCHET II will be distributed in theaters across the country beginning Oct 1. The film will be released without an MPAA rating, marking the widest release of an unrated genre film in more than 25 years.

AMC Theatres, under its AMC independent program, will be exhibiting HATCHET II in the top 20 markets across the country. Vitagraph Films is serving as theatrical distributor.

The announcement regarding the HATCHET II release was made jointly by Adam Green with MPI Media Group’s Senior Vice President of Acquisitions Greg Newman.

A ferociously fun tribute to the old-school horror sensation slasher movies of the 80’s, HATCHET II is the follow-up to the popular original film, which was released theatrically in 2007 and became a sleeper-hit, gaining a wide following on DVD. The cast of HATCHET II features a cavalcade of horror movie icons including Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN) and Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13th), reprising his role as serial killer Victor Crowley. Also starring are Tony Todd (CANDYMAN) and R.A. Mihailoff (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE).

HATCHET II is having its world premiere this week in London at Fright Fest, the UK’s premiere horror and fantasy film festival.

Director Adam Green said, “Having a movie as graphically over the top as HATCHET II come out in major theatres unrated is an absolute dream come true — not only for the genre fans but for the entire make-up effects crew who normally have to watch their amazing achievements get sliced and diced for theatrical release. This is an important event for the horror genre and I hope the real horror fans support HATCHET II and help change the way genre films are released theatrically from this day forward. Kudos to Dark Sky Films and AMC theaters for truly honoring the spirit of old school American horror and doing this right. Gorehounds won’t know what hit them!”

Dark Sky Films’ Newman added, “We are thrilled that audiences will not have to wait for a director’s cut or unrated version of Adam Green’s HATCHET II. On October 1st fans will have the opportunity to see Hatchet II in theaters exactly as it was intended to be seen: full-on, uncut and uncensored! We hope that this unrated release of HATCHET II marks a new trend in providing an uncompromised theatrical experience for genre film lovers nationwide.”

“Our AMC independent program embraces diverse storytelling of all types,” said AMC Theatres’ Vice President, Specialty & Alternative Content, Nikkole Dneson-Randolph. “Bringing a story like HATCHET II to our guests is a natural fit during this time of year and we’re excited to share the filmmakers’ vision on-screen in its intended state.”


Just as the 80’s had their signature murderous maniacs-HALLOWEEN’s Michael Myers of Haddonfield and FRIDAY THE 13th’s Jason Voorhees of Camp Crystal Lake- the original HATCHET marked the arrival of the latest and most lethal of the genre’s stalking murderers: Victor Crowley, a crazed backwoods killer stalking the bayous of New Orleans.

HATCHET II picks up right where the 2007 original film ends, as Marybeth (Danielle Harris fromHALLOWEEN) escapes from the clutches of the deformed, swamp-dwelling killer Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder from FRIDAY THE 13th). Marybeth returns to the Louisiana swamps along with an army of hunters to recover the bodies of her family and exact her revenge against Victor Crowley.


Dark Sky Films is dedicated to the discovery, preservation and production of new and classic horror, sci-fi and cult films from around the world. Based in Chicago, Dark Sky Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of The MPI Media Group - one of the largest independent entertainment companies producing and distributing a compelling slate of the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs.

ATTK’s GENDER-BENDER - Friday August 27, 2010 - Repo! The Genetic DRAG Opera! Vista Theatre

h1 Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Hey, Southern California! Are your genetics a DRAG? Do you need a little change in your life? Well, so does Addicted to the Knife (Los Angeles’s first - and only! - Repo! The Genetic Opera shadowcast)! And we thought a visit to GeneCo’s GENDER REASSIGNMENT department was exactly what we needed! For this month, and this month only, ATTK will be modeling the latest fad of 2056: A SEX CHANGE!

That’s right, folks. August is our very first GENDER BENDER show. Pavi as Amber! Luigi as Shilo! Blind Mag as Repo Man! Shilo as GraveRobber! Nathan as Marni! Tech crew as Henchgirls! A whole slew of beautiful MENterns! And that’s not nearly all, but you’ll have to attend in order to know the rest!

As always, prop kits will be available for $4 each and Zydrate is only $1! And don’t forget to stop by the Repo! Army merchandise table for your official Repo! Army t-shirts and panties!

Tickets are $10.50 (cash and credit/debit accepted!) at the door, only!

Don’t miss out on this month’s Genetic Opera with a twist!

The Vista

4473 Sunset Drive
Los Angeles, CA

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Saturday, August 21, 2010 - Cinespia - Hollywood Forever Cemetery

h1 Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Saturday, August 21st

Gates at 7:00pm, film at 8:30 pm NEW TIME !!
Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower
no reservation necessary.
$10 donation tickets available at gate $5 parking
as a courtesy to other movie-goers: no tall chairs.

Classic children’s fantasy starring comic genius Gene Wilder. A visual treat, this movie is filled with wild and imaginative sets, colorful characters and of course, mountains of candy. Charlie is a poor boy who becomes one of five winners of the golden ticket, a special pass which brings him inside the wondrous and mysterious factory of Willy Wonka. Only one of the winners will win a lifetime supply of chocolate, and as they tour the factory, they are eliminated one by one. Come take a tour of the chocolate factory with us!

Daedelus spins before and after the screening

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